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The Back Country

Off the beaten track, the Auvergne region surprises, makes to recharge one’s batteries, revitalizes, and enables to fulfill your potential, delights. Its multiple faces shaped by the time and man make it a land of freedom suitable for discovery and adventure. The Auvergne is also a welcoming land with men and women who have been able to preserve their natural and architectural heritage.

The Country of Murat

The Cantal Departement takes its names from the Massif Cantal, mountain range that covers most of it. Indeed, it is a medium altitude Département mainly covered by the volcanic Massif Cantal and its foothills. This massif is a vestige of an ancient volcano whose diameter is 60km, the largest in Europe.

The country of Murat lies at the foot of the volcanoes and therefore shows all the characteristics of a diversified fauna and flora. The country of Murat is a country which has been able to keep its history. If you take the time to stop and listen, then you will be able to hear the soul of the Cantal telling his story.

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